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Meet Hurben

Wolf Lane’s mural artist

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do…

I attempt to nurture street-level artistic culture in order to facilitate critical thinking amongst the general population. ‘Acupuncture for society’ is the motto for ‘ololo’ our collective artist group (www.ololo.info) I’m an idealist who longs for a utopia, I believe it’s possible for us to live better as a species, I don’t have all the answers but hopefully via my artwork I’m able to stimulate thought and discussion regarding our collective existence. My life goal is to build a self-sustainable airship that I can live on as I don’t believe in land ownership.

What was the design brief for Wolf Lane’s Mural?

I was asked to produce an artwork that referenced fairy-tales and took up the entire wall space.

What inspired this particular design?

‘Inside your head there is a heart’

The City is at the heart of our collective manifestations of power and being a part of the machine means we have to amplify certain traits of ourselves and shy away others in order to survive. In this case, the wolf symbolises strength, dominance and loyalty and provides us with warmth, protection and security, allowing us to get on with the task of fulfilling our constructed dreams and goals represented by the lifting up of the patchwork moon. Meanwhile, mortality encroaches as black shadowy crows, harangue and accost our attempts to rise above the mediocrity and become ourselves within the human race.

Who’s your favourite street artist (local or international) and why?

That’s a tough question, right now there are so many great artists dominating the world stage. I’ve been lucky enough to see a transition from gritty, unsolicited street bombing to massive, beautifully crafted fine art murals amongst the global street art scene. Right now I’m loving Herakut, Pixel Pancho, Phlegm because they are just so talented and able to consistently produce amazing work. Of course I still have a soft spot for the works of Blu, Banksy and Os Gemeos. These guys laid out the foundation for the recent surge of finely crafted and wondrous artwork we are currently seeing around the world.

And finally – beer, wine or cocktails?

Beer, definitely beer.

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